We are Gínore, a Dutch-Belgian brand that fully focusses on fulfilling your interior decorating wishes. We understand the demands you put on the decoration of our home. Comfort and durable quality are assets in any home that is lived in.

Our team has over a hundred years’ experience in rugs. We are a collaboration between an internationally renowned interior designer, a trendwatcher, an expert in weave techniques  and two young, driven entrepreneurs.

So whether you like classical, minimalistic, extravagant or modern style, every interior will come to life with a Gínore rug.

  • Patchwork vloerkleed


Combining colours creates unity in a home. Separate ‘islands’ are unified when certain colours are repeated. These colours give atmosphere and character to an interior. This is why our patchwork rugs have four palettes: Awakening Azure, Stunning Silver, Lounging Latte en Treating Taupe.

Awakening Azure

A bright turquoise sea, a powdery blue sky speckled with clouds. The unending shades of blue found in nature inspired us to create this popular palette. Thanks to the versatile blue shades your rug will change its hue from day to day.

Stunning Silver

A kaleidoscope of natural greys. Marble and granite, but also minerals and metals take charge in a stylish manner. Greys are easily combined amongst themselves, and get along harmoniously with other colours in your interior.

Lounging Latte

Creamy white, Espresso brown, but also colours like camel, taupe and greige. This palette of colours is based on the tasty tints of the most delicious Italian coffees.

Treating Taupe

A base of cream white and taupe, combined with olive green, cranberry red and melon yellow. This is a palette that is normally served by chefs. A palette for those not afraid to let their colours show.

Jacquard weave

Our rugs are jacquard woven in Belgium. This weave makes our complex patterns and colour palettes possible. The result is a flatweave, a low pile rug that is remarkably easy to clean.  People with (dust) allergies generally do not experience allergic reactions from our rugs.


After weaving our rugs are specially finished to give the fabric an even softer look and touch. You’ll see it. You’ll feel it. The edges are strengthened by hand and sown under. This is how a rug should be.

Every Gínore rug has a non-skid layer as standard, so that it lies neatly and stays in place; on every surface. This extra layer also creates extra sound dampening and prolongs its life span. Finally, all rugs are given the Gínore label. Quality that is seen and felt.


East meets west in our vintage patchwork rugs. Persian rugs, Maroccan kelims an Parisian fabric houses inspired our designers to the subtle divisions and stylish patterns in our rugs.


Gínore rugs are woven from chenille acrylic fibers. Acrylic fibers are a modern fiber with the highest colourfastness. This means that every rug has a beautiful colour intensity, and retains this over many years as well. Acrylic fibres are strong, durable and easy to care for. The chenille process makes the yarn feel comfortable, even to bare feet, and gives extra depth to the colours. Two strong visible and tangible advantages over a printed rug. The addition of a small amount of polyester makes the rugs extra durable and retains the shape.